Charlotte Tilbury review: Favorite makeup brand yet?!

I think it’s safe to say that Charlotte Tilbury is one of my favorite brands of makeup brands so far! Charlotte Tilbury is a professional makeup artist who is a hot commodity all around the celebrity community, for every star wants their red carpet look to come from the British makeup artist. Tilbury, after years of being a makeup artist, finally decided to debut her own luxury makeup line. Let me just say that, in my personal opinion, her products are amazing! They go on smoothly and have a creamy, buttery texture. Tilbury has made it to where any girl or guy can create a professional makeup look. Now after all that praise for her products, there is a con that I found. The price tag is a little high for makeup. Now I know her line is a luxury line but I believe that some of her products could be a tad bit cheaper. With that being said, her products are similar to the Tom Ford line. Tilbury worked as an artist for Tom Ford for years and I believe she took some of her trades from her experience with Tom Ford and applied it to her makeup line. There are some products in her line that are almost identical to the Tom Ford products (like her cream shadows). But the fun thing is, Charlotte’s makeup is cheaper than her counter-part Tom Ford! So I think that can justify the pricey purchase of Charlotte’s makeup (if you are looking for a luxury brand).

Her products consist of face makeup (brows, eyes, bronzer, highlight, lips, cheek), skincare (moisturizer, masks, eye cream, body glow, primers, night skincare, cleansers, etc…)

I started my collection of her products with the iconic Matte Revolution Lipstick in the shade Pillowtalk and with the twin liner Pillowtalk Lip Cheat : $34 and $22

The lip kit K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick in the shade Nude Kate and Lip Cheat lip liner in Iconic Nude: $52

Airbrush Flawless Finish Complexion Powder in Medium: $38

Filmstar Bronze and Glow contour palette in Light/Medium: $65

Red Carpet Skincare Set with the Wonder Glow primer, Magic Cream, and Goddess Skin Clay Mask: $59

Hot Lips in the taupey nude shade K.K.W: $34

Hot Lips in the shade Super Cindy: $34

For anyone looking to splurge on a high quality brand that is worth the money, look no further because Charlotte Tilbury is the only makeup brand you’ll ever need.


(K.K.W. Hot Lips) @charlottetilburysite






Jessie James Decker x DIFF $85 Dash sunglasses? Worth it?


Jessie James Decker is the queen of everything country and fashion. Decker has the most beautiful voice while having the most down to earth life. She has produced countless country hits and recently in the past few years created her own fashion line called Kittenish. I normally get a little skeptical towards some collaborations just based on how sometimes collaborations don’t have the same quality put into the product like a product that is normally from that brand. This is just business and how much a company believes the product will sell. With that being said, Jessie James Decker is one of the few people I trust completely in a collaboration to provide a quality product. Recently DIFF Eyewear released a promotion containing their collaboration deal with Jessie on the new Dash aviator shades. DIFF Eyewear is a company that sells sunglasses then donates reading glasses to a charity for every pair purchased from their brand. The brand promotes charities and community involvement. DIFF’s company morales makes this collaboration the perfect combination.

A little bit about the product:

The Dash are limited edition and contain 4 different lens colors (blue, gold, black, and pink) that are polarized. The lens are mirrored and are scratch resistant with the DIFF stamp on the top corner. The glasses themselves are stainless steel with a light feel to them. I am an aviator girl through and through so when I saw these from my favorite music artist I couldn’t wait for the opportunity to get my hands on them. No girl has enough pairs of aviators!

When I finally got my hands on the Gold Gradient Mirrored lens pair they met all my expectations. This is just my non-sponsored personal opinion, but they had the same feel and similar quality to the ray ban aviators. The great thing is, not only do they come in different shades, but they come at a cheaper price tag at $85 than the ray bans and other high quality brands. I normally don’t splurge on sunglasses because there are PLENTY of other brands out there that are cheaper, but if I were to ever spend over $20 on sunglasses these would be it. And lastly, a gold glitter, collapsable microfiber case comes with the Dash sunglasses with Jessie’s signature stamp on the front and in the inside.

In my personal opinion, these are WORTH IT!


Featured image and the bottom image are from the Diff Eyewear website. Any other questions or thoughts on the Jessie James Decker collaboration, let me know in the comments!

Charlotte Tilbury Review: The perfect Glowy summer makeup!


(Disclaimer: I say glowy A LOT during this review)

I think it’s safe to say that Charlotte Tilbury is one of my favorite makeup artists of all time. Charlotte is a celebrity makeup artist from Ibiza who is a hot commodity all over the world. Every celebrity wants their Red Carpet looks to come from this British makeup goddess. Tilbury’s brand is a luxury makeup and skincare line that focuses on putting anti-aging ingredients in the products so you’re getting the best bang for your buck. Also, all of her products are beautifully packaged in all Rose Gold and Night Crimson, which is a huge plus for me who loves anything Rose Gold. Her website lists all of her products, which consist of face makeup products (face, eyes, cheeks, and lips). Her line also includes a skincare line (moisturizer, night cream, eye moisturizer, masks, bronze tints, cleansers, body glows..etc). The only con that I can think of is how high the price tag is. The makeup/skincare is very luxury and gives me the perfect glowy complexion while maintaining an easy natural look, buttttt I still cringe when I see the expensive price tag for some of the items. With this being said, I think that Tilbury’s makeup line makes a difference with my skin and I believe that makeup/skincare is an investment.

For the audience that usually purchases Tom Ford products I have a makeup dupe for you! Charlotte worked as an artist for Tom Ford for years before she decided to start her line. I believe that some of Charlotte’s products are very similar in formula to Tom Ford’s and the best part is the cheaper price tag compared to Tom Ford (the eyeshadow quads, cream shadows, and lipsticks).

These are the products I have tried out so far from Charlotte Tilbury and I have fallen completely in love:

Airbrush Flawless Finish 2 Medium: $45

  • This is a finely milled powder that I use to brush over my t zone and under my eyes to set my face and concealer. This product is a must-have of the Charlotte Tilbury collection due to how smoothly it applies and how it DOESN’T make my makeup look cakey, even for my super dry skin.

Filmstar Bronze & Glow Light/ Medium: $65

  • Very finely milled powders which makes for easy application.
  • The highlighter shade has a subtle sheen which gives the natural glowy look.
  • The bronzer is an ashy brown which matches many skin tones perfectly.

Matte Revolution lipstick in the shade Pillowtalk: $34

  • A rosey pink nude with a Matte finish.

K.I.S.S.I.N.G lip kit in Nude Kate w/ Lip Cheat in Iconic Nude: $52

  • A tawny nude lipstick with a satin finish, then the lip liner is the same brown nude.

Goddess Skin Travel Kit with the Magic Cream, Wonder Glow, and Goddess Skin Clay Mask: $59

  • The Magic Cream gave a very glowy effect to my face IMMEDIATELY after application and my face remained moisturized the ENTIRE day.
  • The Wonder Glow I applied directly on top of the Magic Cream and it almost locked the Magic Cream in place to where the natural glow it gave me stayed longer throughout the day.

(I would not recommend for super oily skin users)

  • I apply a light layer of the Goddess Skin Clay Mask for 10-15 minutes before I apply moisturizer. After wiping it off with a warm wash cloth I noticed my pores looked invisible (I’ve never found product to diminish them before), and my skin was flawlessly smooth. Even if you skip the Magic Cream and the Wonder Glow I think this mask is a must-have due to how effective it is immediately. A smooth base makes for an even foundation application.

Thank you for reading my review! I hope it helped for anyone new to the Charlotte Tilbury brand or just researching the different products before buying! The image I used for the review came off of Charlotte Tilbury’s website, Please let me know in the comments any questions or your thoughts on the products mentioned above!