Jessie James Decker x DIFF $85 Dash sunglasses? Worth it?


Jessie James Decker is the queen of everything country and fashion. Decker has the most beautiful voice while having the most down to earth life. She has produced countless country hits and recently in the past few years created her own fashion line called Kittenish. I normally get a little skeptical towards some collaborations just based on how sometimes collaborations don’t have the same quality put into the product like a product that is normally from that brand. This is just business and how much a company believes the product will sell. With that being said, Jessie James Decker is one of the few people I trust completely in a collaboration to provide a quality product. Recently DIFF Eyewear released a promotion containing their collaboration deal with Jessie on the new Dash aviator shades. DIFF Eyewear is a company that sells sunglasses then donates reading glasses to a charity for every pair purchased from their brand. The brand promotes charities and community involvement. DIFF’s company morales makes this collaboration the perfect combination.

A little bit about the product:

The Dash are limited edition and contain 4 different lens colors (blue, gold, black, and pink) that are polarized. The lens are mirrored and are scratch resistant with the DIFF stamp on the top corner. The glasses themselves are stainless steel with a light feel to them. I am an aviator girl through and through so when I saw these from my favorite music artist I couldn’t wait for the opportunity to get my hands on them. No girl has enough pairs of aviators!

When I finally got my hands on the Gold Gradient Mirrored lens pair they met all my expectations. This is just my non-sponsored personal opinion, but they had the same feel and similar quality to the ray ban aviators. The great thing is, not only do they come in different shades, but they come at a cheaper price tag at $85 than the ray bans and other high quality brands. I normally don’t splurge on sunglasses because there are PLENTY of other brands out there that are cheaper, but if I were to ever spend over $20 on sunglasses these would be it. And lastly, a gold glitter, collapsable microfiber case comes with the Dash sunglasses with Jessie’s signature stamp on the front and in the inside.

In my personal opinion, these are WORTH IT!


Featured image and the bottom image are from the Diff Eyewear website. Any other questions or thoughts on the Jessie James Decker collaboration, let me know in the comments!